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Best Licensing Attorney

Do you want to allow others the right to use some of your creative ideas, while still making sure you are compensated? Are you looking to learn more about what goes into legally licensing an idea or product? If you agreed with either of these questions, then it’s time to reach out to a local law firm that is familiar with the intellectual property law. Intellectulaw, The Law Offices of P.B. Tufariello, P.C is one such place. As a highly experienced licensed attorney, they will be able to take you through the steps to secure a legal licensing agreement. Their firm is easily accessible to those residing close to Bronx, NY or the adjacent towns, like Stamford, Stony Brook, and New Haven. They will help you create legally binding licensing contracts that will protect your property.

Before agreeing to a licensing plan, it’s important to consult with a lawyer. Intellectulaw, The Law Offices of P.B. Tufariello, P.C will make sure your agreement is written in accordance with the law. This legally binding agreement will make sure you are protected if you ever need to file charges. Protecting your intellectual property is what their firm does best. No matter if you are working with a single idea or need help with multiple ones, they will make sure all the rights to your property are completely owned by you.

If you have been thinking about hiring a well-known licensing attorney, then you need to pick up the phone and call the team at Intellectulaw, The Law Offices of P.B. Tufariello, P.C. They are ready to help anyone from Bronx, NY and the other adjacent towns. Be sure to check out all the valuable information over at While you are there, you can learn how to contact the firm to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your intellectual property needs.

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